What we do

Dirisamer offers a wide range of tube components. We focus on bending and end forming, hence "tube bending technologies". From this starting point, many new processes have been added over the last 20 years. Our in-house turning department is an example for what we have achieved in order to gain flexibility for special customers’ needs.

Around 1.5 million tube components a year

At our facility of more than 3,500 m² we produce approximately 1.5 million tube components a year. Through a mix of experienced and young employees, often still in training, we are able to maintain a high level of quality, flexibility and cost awareness on a long-term basis.

Two to four weeks from order date

Usually our customers provide 3D drawings, digital 3D data or just a sample. Based on this - and an estimated demand - we are able to provide you with a binding offer. As cost awareness is very important to us, we try to help our customers design their components as cost effective as possible. Depending on the complexibility of the requested part, we are able to ship orders within 2 - 4 weeks. For our long term customers, this time frame can be within one week. We focus on helping our customers.

We manufacture to your needs

In our daily business, we work mainly with hydraulic tubes in the range of 4mm - 42mm outside diameter and lengths from 3mm to 6,000mm, in all kinds of complexity. However, we are pleased to offer any parts once checked for feasibility. Due to our flexible portfolio of machines, we are also able to produce parts with complicated profiles, in different materials. From rolling arc to bending radius of 1x diameter, we are the best choice of supplier.

Small-scale tooling costs

As a result of 25 years providing solutions for tube components, we are able to work with existing tools. This helps keeping initial costs down.

consistantly effective

Initial test reports, specific test reports and others as elements of PPAP, in connection with our consistant system of materials, maintains our high quality standards when it comes to materials. An ERP system tailored to our needs makes sure we are more effective than our competitors. This, in combination with safety, quality and cleanliness, enables us to be a competitive partner that enjoys any challenge the market can bring.


Cold forming using different materials is easy for us as we have lots of experience. We try to gain know-how whenever we can. Send us your requirements. We test for feasibility. When it comes to surfaces, we are able offer all-inclusive solutions: galvanic plating, electro-polishing, phosphate and other kinds of coating.


Using common fittings and different connection types on a big scale gives us the possibility to share our effects of scale with our customers. Custom fittings can be provided easily, due to our in-house fitting production department.


Using different methods we make sure to achieve the cleanliness required. Depending on the requirements, we apply the most efficient process. We have the experience to offer you the best solution.