One cut, many correct parts


We always work to make our high quality requirements as cost-efficient as possible. To this end, we work closely with machine manufacturers to optimise processes for our applications. One result of this is the process of cutting bundles, which allows us to cut parts economically by bundling several pipes and sawing them together. Up to 30 tubes are sawn together, to an accuracy of a tenth of a millimetre.
The sawing of pipes with small cross-sections is a problem with conventional sawing machines because the pipes cannot be separated in a process-safe manner. To our knowledge, there is no sawing machine from a well-known machine manufacturer that can accurately saw pipe under 8mm diameter. Even contractors have always rejected our inquiries regarding, for example, 6mm outer diameter. This is why we have become more active and want to offer our capacities to other companies as well.


With the tension of several pipes together, many parts can be cut to length simultaneously. The saw time is therefore drastically reduced, especially for pipes with a small pipe diameter.  By cutting a large number of parts together, a great saving is achieved with this sawing process.


A sawn pipe cannot be immediately processed due to the resulting ridge, therefore an efficient deburring process is necessary. We offer this as well, by means of our stand-alone rotary deburring. The pipe is guided through the deburring process by a rotating rail system, which frees the pipe quickly and reliably from every burr. In addition, the pipe is roughly cleaned by means of an intensive air blast.


Cleanliness is an increasingly important issue in industrial production, especially for semi-finished products. With the help of our universal cleaning machine, it is possible to ideally prepare the tubes for various applications.

If the part is required to be only free of grease, a less complex and time-saving washing program is the right choice. If the customer requests a very high cleanliness, a maximum particle size of 150μm for example, the parameters of the program are amended and the process clean parts are obtained.


In order to create the ideal washing program, we consult our internal laboratory. The laboratory complies with the requirements of the new VDA 19 Volume 1 and our trained and experienced employees create decay curves and measurement protocols for the cleaned parts. We can therefore ensure that the wash process for the part delivers the required result, in a process-safe manner. Reports are regularly generated where required and serial deliveries are provided.

We are certainly an interesting partner for companies who need to procure worked pipes or profiles in large quantities.

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