Agricultural Machinery

Our products are used in wide variety of applications. We focus mainly on the following industries. If you do not see your industry, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. You can expect individual support.

Products used in the Test field

Filter and suction tube combinations

Tube and deep-drawn part combinations

In our variable production facility, we can cover a large number of processes, in order to offer the customer complete components.

Brake Lines

Brake connections suitable for your requirements

Larger diameters are often required in braking systems. Here too, we have many years of experience. Special flanges are successfully used in many components.

Oil Supply

Feed Combination

From our manufacturing facility we can offer combinations of machined and cold-formed components in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Air intake components

final components

Several combinations of cast or forging elements are used with our tubes and fulfill the demands of our international customers. Depicted is an air intake module.

Brake lines

A secure connection, from the professionals

Usually we offer brake lines from Ø 4.75mm up to Ø 8mm with the PVF coating. Due to our very special machines we are leading when it comes to challenging geometries.

Oil connection tubes

Connection of fluid circuits

Oil connections with the use of banjo fittings (DIN7642) combined with custom clips are very common articles for us.

Hose combinations

Connection to unfixed parts

Moving elements make it necessary to offer hose combinations while maximising the use of maintenance free tubes.

Suction tube

Components up to Ø 42 mm

You can find suction tubes in a wide variety in our portfolio. Depicted is a steel tube with clip, cutting ring and nut, with galvanic plating surface treatment.

Return line

fluid cycles

We often provide essential parts for fluid cycles applied to all industries. For instance, a simple return line.